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Posted by Kinghamster from Swansea - Published on 07/06/2011 at 13:13
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Yn Gymraeg

Bullying happens in all walks of life.

It can happen to you no matter what you look like or where you’re from.

Some people don’t deserve it and then others bring it on themselves.

The most common places that it happens I would say are in school, among friends and in the work place.

It’s a difficult thing to go through and some people handle it better than others. I think it’s a lot easier to handle today than it used to be just a couple of years ago. Now there are big campaigns about in schools all over the country. Sometimes it still goes unnoticed and some people don’t tell anyone about it though.

When I was in school I was bullied. I have an older brother and he is gay. It really bothered me that I was getting stick for my brother’s choices. For three years I had to put up with the same boy asking me "does your brother touch you at night?" every morning when I got into school. I put up with it because I just didn’t see the point in taking offense from a question.

Then one day it got worse. This boy started asking me things about my brother’s personal life. He asked me if my brothers boyfriends touched me and did my brother watch? I went to my form teacher that was in the class when he had said this to me. I told her what was going on and she said there was nothing she could do without actually hearing him say it.

A couple of weeks later i went into school in a bad mood. This boy started asking me questions and I hit him. I kept on hitting him until someone pulled me off him. I received two weeks suspension for what I did and the boy didn’t get punished for it at all. After my holiday off school the boy never mentioned my brother ever again and neither did anyone else.

I shouldn’t have hit him I know that was wrong. But sometimes it takes standing up for yourself and taking control of what happens before it can stop. We should always tell someone if you are being bullied. No matter how scared of them you are.

I think that adults need to realise that bullying is a lot more common than they think. Even the popular kids get bullied. Just because some people like them others don’t and it can cause others to dislike them.

If you are being bullied by anyone then tell someone you trust. Don’t let that person that’s being cruel towards you win. Keep your head up cause you are a much better and stronger person than they are.

Remember this. You are being bullied for something you’ve got that’s better than anything. Your being bullied because you’re different and being different is way better than being normal.

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Commented 47 months ago - 10th June 2011 - 10:21am

I can imagine how hard this must be. There are ways in which you can stop online bullying. There is a report button on facebook, if you would like to talk about this more, you can contact me through the website or email.



Commented 45 months ago - 28th July 2011 - 11:44am

The first thing I’d like to say, is thank you for being brave enough to share your story and it’s good to hear that you’re not being bullied anymore. Hopefully reading your story will encourage people to get help if they are being bullied.
I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get a better response from your teacher when you asked for help-as you say, sometimes not all adults realise just what a huge problem bullying can be for many young people. That’s why if someone’s being bullied and they tell someone who isn’t very helpful, they shouldn’t give up-they need to keep telling people until the situation gets better. (If no-one else seems to be listening, try Meic.)
I’m glad you feel that things are improving in terms of dealing with bullying, as you mentioned there are huge campaigns in schools and other places these days. The important thing to remember is that it is everyone’s responsibility to speak out against bullying. Often people see someone being bullied, but do nothing. That may be because they are frightened that the bully may turn on them and hope that if they stay quiet they may be alright or they may just not know what to do. But to the person being bullied, if people do nothing then they can sometimes seem almost as bad as the actual bully.
As you say, hitting the other boy was wrong but I can appreciate how frustrating it must have been for you to have been punished. You chose to stand up for yourself in that way, but for others standing up for themselves could be finding an adult they trust who is supportive and will help them get things changed. All schools have to have an Anti-bullying Policy –a good place to start is to ask to see a copy of it because then you can see what the school say they will do when bullying is reported to them and make sure that they actually do that.
Just one thing, you said: “Some people don’t deserve it and then others bring it on themselves”. I would just like to finish by saying that no-one deserves to be bullied and no-one needs to put up with it.
All the best from the Meic team.

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