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Bridgend Youth Council

What is the Youth Council?

The Youth Council is a voluntary group of young people aged 11-25 who aim to be a "voice for young people across Bridgend".

Who are the Youth Mayor and the Deputy Youth Mayor?

Amy Butlin has been elected Youth Mayor. Hollie Mediana has been elected as Deputy Youth Mayor.

What is the aim of the Council?

The overall aim is to give young people a voice enabling them to campaign on young people issues, promote citizenship, challenge the stereotypical images of young people, promote participation and involve young people in the decision making process and open dialogue between young people and the powers that be.

Where is the Council based?

The youth council is based at:

Just @sk Info Shop,
6/6a Wyndham Street,
CF31 1EF

How can I join the Youth Council?

Youth centres, schools, voluntary organisations in fact any organisation or group that has young people aged 11-25 in the Borough can elect two young people to sit on the council for two years to look at issues that affect young people across Bridgend. One third of the youth council is also allocated for young people who just represent themselves, who are not elected; these are simple young people who show an interest in becoming a youth cllr and are active in getting their voice heard.

What the Council entails?

The council meets regularly, normally the second Monday of each month in the main council chamber in Bridgend; A cabinet of nine young people including the youth major and deputy are elected each year that steer the way the youth council is run. Anyone on the cabinet can put themselves forward for the position of Youth Mayor, individuals make a presentation as to why they should hold the position, a vote is taken and a youth mayor is chosen - the youth mayor is then inaugurated at the same ceremony as the adult Mayor.
The council will look at ways of consulting with other young people, link with various agencies and are often invited to attend events, meetings and discussions with adults who influence the services and facilities for young people across Bridgend. The youth council looks at ways of encouraging links with all young people.

For more information, please contact:-

Tel: 01656 815150
Email: bridgendyouthcouncil@live.co.uk

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